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Part Details Blade Diameter Blade Depth Blade Angle
IQ fan axial impeller,154mm 28deg,flow v 154mm 32mm 28°
IQ fan axial impeller,154mm 34deg,flow v 154mm 37mm 34°
IQ fan axial impeller,200mm 28deg,flow v 200mm 37.5mm 28°
IQ fan axial impeller,200mm 22deg,flow v 200mm 32mm 22°
IQ fan axial impeller,154mm 22deg,flow v 154mm 27.5mm 22°
IQ fan axial impeller,254mm 22deg,flow v 254mm 37mm 22°
IQ fan axial impeller,230mm 28deg,flow v 230mm 43mm 28°
IQ fan axial impeller,254mm 28deg,flow v 254mm 45mm 28°
IQ fan axial impeller,172mm 34deg,flow v 172mm 42mm 34°
IQ fan axial impeller,172mm 22deg,flow v 172mm 31mm 22°
IQ fan axial impeller,230mm 22deg,flow v 230mm 35mm 22°
IQ fan axial impeller,200mm 34deg,flow v 200mm 45mm 34°
IQ fan axial impeller,230mm 34deg,flow v 230mm 50mm 34°
IQ fan axial impeller,172mm 28deg,flow v 172mm 36mm 28°
Fan Blade,152mm,Radial,Stainless Steel 152mm 20mm -
IQ fan axial impeller,254mm 34deg,flow v 254mm 52mm 34°
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