Finding Products

Finding Products

How do I search for a product?

Simple! You can do this in several ways:

Search by RS Stock Number
If you already know the RS stock number, key it into the 'Find' search field by the RS logo on the top left-hand side. You’ll be taken straight to the product page.

Search by Manufacturer Stock Number
If you already know the Manufacturer stock number, key it into the 'Find' search field by the RS logo on the top left-hand side. Should we have that product, you’ll be directed straight to the product page.

Don’t know all of the part number? No problem! Type in what you do know and our search will try help you find what you need.

Search by Product Description Keywords
You can also search with one or more product description keywords, or a manufacturer's name.
In this case, you will have to select from the product categories provided and then filter through the results by selecting the required product attributes. Click on 'update results' to narrow the results.

Search by Browsing through the Product Categories
Click on a sub-category from one of the four product range categories that feature at the top of the page. Narrow down your search further by selecting from the resulting categories. Use the attribute panel to filter through the products.

Once you’ve found what you want, click and you’ll go to the product page. You’ll see a product image, along with important information such as product specification, pricing, stock availabilty, technical details, related accessories, alternatives etc.

Please Note Not all product pages have all of these elements.

Need product search assistance?

If you're still not sure which product you need or you require technical assistance with indentifying the right product, contact us and we will direct your request to our technical support engineers. They can advise you on the part you need and/or help you with any technical solution. When contacting us with your technical query, a detailed description of the product required or a product image will aid the technical team to direct you to the right product straight away. Email:

Can I source products that are not in your catalogue?

Yes, if you have a large order that also contains products that do not appear in the RS catalogue, we may be able to source them for you through our Product Plus Service.

Please contact us; Tel: 23815208 or Email: