Disposable Workwear

Protective clothing comes under the umbrella of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & Workwear, which is designed to ensure the safety of workers and visitors alike in a variety of environments and applications. Protective clothing is a crucial part of daily protection in some workplaces, protecting the user from hazardous materials and/or chemicals, contamination, liquid splashes, dirt, dust, oils, high/low temperatures and heavy equipment.

Our range of protective clothing includes products from trusted brands such as Dickies, 3M, Kimberley Clark, Alpha Solway, Delta Plus and our very own trusted, quality brand, RS PRO. We pride ourselves for supplying leading protection that meets the required safety standards across several industries, including construction, utility, engineering, mining, manufacturing, health, education and more.

What is the importance of using protective clothing?

Protective clothing in all its types exists to prevent injury and/or harm coming users on all parts of the body including the head, face, hands, arms, feet and the torso. There are different types of equipment and clothing available depending on the tasks or hazards the wearer will be exposed to, such as flame-retardant, chemical-retardant, antistatic and anti-abrasion.

Even though it is most clearly seen on construction sites in the forms of hi-vis, head protection and protective footwear, protective clothing is not just used on work sites. The vast array of products that fall under protective clothing also includes workwear used in: the hospitality and food industries to prevent cross-contamination and infection, chemical industries to prevent clothing damage and personal injury, and many other industries such as automotive, decorating and mechanical to protect skin and clothing from any fluids that may stain or cause irritation.

Types of protective clothing

We understand the importance of quality and the legal requirements, for protective equipment, such as ISO and EN-ISO standards, so we stock a wide selection of protective clothing to ensure we can provide items to meet your specifications. Our range includes:

  • Overalls - covers the full body and are commonly used to protect wearers against dirt, dust, water and chemicals. They're available as reusable or disposable types in a choice of materials, colours and sizes for men and women.
  • Protective Hoods - there are many types of hood protection types within our range, shielding different parts. Typically, protecting workers exposed to non/hazardous substances, chemical/oil/liquid splashes, potentially infectious materials and more.
  • Lab coats - typically used in medical environments, schools and laboratories to protect the wearer and their clothing from chemical substances or potentially harmful or damaging materials.
  • Hair nets – used to cover the wearer's head, keeping the hair inside of the net and usually used in food and hospitality industries, although they not limited to just these applications.