Pressure Washers

What is Pressure Washing?

A pressure washer is a superb gadget to make people’s work easy. To lice in the present society, we have to keep up numerous things. Remaining perfect and clean is useful for the health of your family, and it additionally increases the value of your social status. We spend a great deal of exertion and time to keep our home and the environment clean. So to make our life easier while dealing with a dirt, let’s look at what advantages could pressure washer bring to your household or business.

How does the Pressure Washer work?

The principle of a pressure washer is to force water at high speed through a nozzle. The strong jet of water produced is to dislodge dirt. Most of the pressure washers allow you to add detergent to the water and that’s how you will increase the cleaning power of the jet.

Is the water supply needed for a pressure washer?

Yes. Pressure washer requires a steady, uninterrupted supply of water.

Advantages of Pressure Washers

• Time- saving – with the pressure washer t only takes half an hour to clean the outside of your entire house, you can clean you can within ten minutes or clean your driveway just under fifteen minutes
• Tough filth- no problem! The high pressure of water makes it very easy to remove any kind of dirt such as oil stain or grease from any surface
• Cost effective – when you decide to buy a pressure washer is only a one-time investment, and you get the benefit of it for a long period of time
• Easy storage – you can keep it on your storage room or garage, and it will take very little space
• Accessible to buy – here at RS we offer a range of pressure washer you can choose from

Where can you use a Pressure Washer?

• They have a whole variety of usage, mainly for domestic cleaning jobs. You can use them for:
• Cars, motorbikes, caravans, boats, and bicycles
• Patios, fences, garden walls, pathways, driveways, house facades
• Garden tool and machinery, outdoor furniture and barbecues
• Cleaning of animal pens and surroundings
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Part Details Brand Flow Rate Working Pressure Maximum Inlet Water Temperature Power Rating Depth Height Width Weight Plug Type Cable Length Model Number Supply Voltage
Karcher K4 COMPACT Pressure Washer 11MPa Karcher 420L/h 11MPa +40°C 1.8kW 295mm 282mm 516mm 12.2kg - 6m K4 COMPACT -
Karcher K4 Pressure Washer 130bar Karcher 420L/h 130bar +40°C 1.8kW 397mm 305mm 584mm 11.4kg - - K4 -
Karcher HD 6/13 C Plus Pressure Washer 130bar Karcher 590L/h 130bar +60°C 2.9kW 360mm 930mm 380mm 25.2kg - 10m HD 6/13 C Plus -
Karcher Xpert HD 7125 Pressure Washer 230 → 240V ac 80bar Karcher 400L/h 80bar +60°C - 360mm 925mm 375mm 32kg - 30m Xpert HD 7125 230 → 240V ac
Karcher HD 4/9 P Pressure Washer 110V 90bar Karcher 390L/h 90bar +60°C 1.4kW 360mm 935mm 375mm 21.6kg - 10m HD 4/9 P 110V
Karcher K2 COMPACT Pressure Washer 8MPa Karcher 360L/h 8MPa +40°C 1.4kW 176mm 443mm 280mm 4.7kg - 4m K2 COMPACT -
UniversalAquatak 130 pressure washer
  • RS Stock No. 176-0919
  • Brand Bosch
  • Mfr. Part No. UniversalAquatak 130
Bosch 380L/h 130bar +40°C 1.7W - - - 7.8kg Type G - British 3-pin 5m - 230V
Karcher Xpert HD 7125 Pressure Washer 110V ac 80bar Karcher 400L/h 80bar +60°C - 360mm 925mm 375mm 32kg - 30m Xpert HD 7125 110V ac
Bosch GHP 5-75 X Pressure Washer 185bar Bosch 520L/h 185bar +50°C 2.6kW - - - 26.8kg Type G - British 3-pin 5m GHP 5-75 X -
K5 Premium P/Washer Full Control Plus Karcher 500L/h 145bar +40°C 2.1kW 411mm 305mm 584mm 13.6kg - - K5 -
Fontus portable washer 12 bar 15l Bosch - 15bar - - 320mm 645mm 395mm 9.8kg Type G - British 3-pin - - 18V
Makita 140 Bar Pressure Washer 240V Makita 420L/h 140bar +50°C 2.1kW - - - 18.8kg - 8m HW132 -
Karcher HD 6/13 CX Plus Pressure Washer 130bar Karcher 590L/h 130bar +60°C 2.9kW 370mm 930mm 380mm 27.5kg - 15m HD 6/13 CX Plus -
Karcher Pressure Washer 110bar Karcher 490L/h 110bar +60°C 2.2kW 351mm 904mm 312mm 20.5kg - 5m - -
Karcher Xpert HD 7125 X Pressure Washer 230 → 240V ac 130bar Karcher 480L/h 130bar +60°C - 360mm 925mm 400mm 25kg - 30m Xpert HD 7125 X 230 → 240V ac
AdvancedAquatak 150 pressure washer
  • RS Stock No. 176-0922
  • Brand Bosch
  • Mfr. Part No. AdvancedAquatak 150
Bosch 480L/h 150bar +40°C 2.2W - - - - Type G - British 3-pin 5m - -
Karcher HD 6/11-4M Plus Pressure Washer 110V 30 → 110bar Karcher 250 → 600L/h 30 → 110bar +60°C 2.9kW 407mm 1.01m 467mm 48kg - 10m HD 6/11-4M Plus 110V
Karcher HD 7/15 G Pressure Washer 150bar Karcher 650L/h 150bar +60°C 3.6kW 570mm 430mm 434mm 35kg - 10m HD 7/15 G -
SIP Power Washer TP550/206 7.0HP Petrol SIP 545L/h 207bar - - 555mm 655mm 510mm 28kg - 7m TP550/206 -
Karcher HD 5/12 C Plus Pressure Washer 120bar Karcher 500L/h 120bar +60°C 2.5kW 360mm 930mm 380mm 23.7kg - 10m HD 5/12 C Plus -
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