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Part Details Brand Stock Converter Type Featured Device For Use With Kit Classification Kit Name Resolution
XinaBox SX01 8-bit ADC Module for ADC081C021 XinaBox 189 ADC ADC081C021 - Module - 8-bit
Pi Supply JustBoom DAC HAT DAC HAT for PCM5122 for Raspberry Pi Pi Supply 180 DAC PCM5122 Raspberry Pi HAT JustBoom 32-Bit
XinaBox SU01 8-bit ADC Module for ADC081C021 XinaBox 178 ADC ADC081C021 - Module - 8-bit
Pi Supply JustBoom DAC JustBoom 24-bit DAC Add On Board for PCM5102A for Raspberry Pi Pi Supply 126 DAC PCM5102A Raspberry Pi Add On Board JustBoom 24-bit
Microchip MCP4725EV 12-bit DAC Evaluation Board for MCP4725 Microchip 26 DAC MCP4725 - Evaluation Board - 12-bit
Analog Devices EVAL-AD5933EBZ ADC Evaluation Board for AD5933 Analog Devices 22 ADC AD5933 - Evaluation Board - 12-bit
MikroElektronika MIKROE-1894 ADC3 Click 16-Bit ADC mikroBus Click Board for MCP3428 MikroElektronika 22 ADC MCP3428 - mikroBus Click Board ADC3 Click 16-Bit
MikroElektronika MIKROE-950 DAC mikroBus Click Board for MIKROE-950 MikroElektronika 15 DAC MIKROE-950 - mikroBus Click Board DAC Click 12-bit
MikroElektronika MIKROE-1917 Counter Click 32-Bit ADC Add On Board for LS7366R for LS7366R 32-Bit Quadrature Counter MikroElektronika 14 ADC LS7366R LS7366R 32-Bit Quadrature Counter Add On Board Counter Click 32-Bit
Microchip MCP4725DM-PTPLS PICtail Plus 12-bit DAC Daughter Board for MCP4725 for Microchip Explorer 16 Microchip 10 DAC MCP4725 Microchip Explorer 16 Daughter Board PICtail Plus 12-bit
ON Semiconductor LC717A10ARGPGEVB 8-bit ADC Evaluation Board for LC717A10AR-NH ON Semiconductor 9 ADC LC717A10AR-NH Electrostatic Capacitive Touch Sensor, Measurement System Evaluation Board - 8-bit
Analog Devices EVAL-AD5370EBZ 16-Bit DAC Development Kit for AD5370, AD5372, AD5373 Analog Devices 8 DAC AD5370, AD5372, AD5373 - Development Kit - 16-Bit
MikroElektronika MIKROE-1918 DAC2 Click DAC Add On Board for LTC2601CDD for mikroBUS MikroElektronika 8 DAC LTC2601CDD MikroBUS Add On Board DAC 2 Click 16-Bit
Analog Devices EVAL-AD5791SDZ DAC Evaluation Board for AD5791 Analog Devices 7 DAC AD5791 - Evaluation Board - 20-bit
Analog Devices EVAL-CN0357-ARDZ 16-Bit ADC Evaluation Board for CN0357 Analog Devices 6 ADC CN0357 AD5270, AD7790, AD8500, ADA4528-2, ADR3412, CO-AX Carbon Monoxide Sensor Evaluation Board - 16-Bit
Microchip MCP3424EV 18-bit ADC Evaluation Board for MCP3424 Microchip 6 ADC MCP3424 - Evaluation Board - 18-bit
Analog Devices AD8233CB-EBZ 14-bit ADC Evaluation Board for AD8233 Analog Devices 5 ADC AD8233 - Evaluation Board - 14-bit
Analog Devices EVAL-AD7793EBZ ADC Evaluation Board for AD7793 Analog Devices 5 ADC AD7793 - Evaluation Board - 24-bit
Analog Devices EVAL-CN0336-PMDZ 12-bit ADC Evaluation Board for AD7091R, AD8606, ADUM5401 Analog Devices 5 ADC AD7091R, AD8606, ADUM5401 - Evaluation Board - 12-bit
Analog Devices EVAL-CN0396-ARDZ 16-Bit ADC Evaluation Board for CN0396 Analog Devices 5 ADC CN0396 AD5270, AD7798, ADA4528-1, ADA4528-2, ADP7102, ADR3412, ADT7310 Evaluation Board - 16-Bit
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