Discover the RS PRO Wiring & Connectivity Series

RS PRO, the own brand of RS Components, offers an unbeatable range of products across all industries with quality you can trust.

Connectivity is key to electrical systems and infrastructure. With the RS PRO range of over 6,000 cables and accessories, plus 5,000 different connectors we can really you make those connections. The RS PRO Wiring & Connectivity series is highly specialised, quality-tested, and fit for any application - from general use to harsh environments. Made to satisfy the needs of maintainers, machine & panel builders, and specialists from all industries.

Featured Products

Power cables

An extensive range of electrical power and industrial cables, from mains to multi-core cables, quality-tested and ready for any application.

Communication cables

Whether machine, panel or site network installations, our offer of communication cables, includes fibre-optic, telecomms and Ethernet (Cat 5 to Cat 8).


Complete your wiring task with our great value connectors range, which includes crimp-terminal, heavy-duty industrial, power, electrical & data connectors.

Cable accessories

Manage your wiring installation in an effective and tidy manner with our wide and specialised range of cable accessories.

Tools & Tool kits

The RS PRO range includes durable, industrial grade tools, kits and storage - everything an installation or maintenance engineer could need.

Test & Measurement

Premium functionality T&M without the premium price tag! Choose from multimeters, electrical test equipment, network test and measurement and many more.

Everything is connected!

Join RS PRO-BOT on his latest adventure. Follow him as he zooms through an automotive production line, making sure everything is well connected and ready to go!

RS PRO Wiring & Connectivity Selection Guide

  • Use our handy digital guide to explore the range
  • Discover quality-tested products and match them to your application
  • Gain extra information on standards and approvals

RS PRO Seal of Approval

  • AUDITED in compliance with industry standards
  • INSPECTED for guaranteed quality and performance
  • TESTED by leading engineers

Discover RS Pro Quality 

Audited, Inspected, and Tested. Becoming an RS PRO product is not that easy. Take a trip to our Quality control labs with RS PRO-BOT!

Discover the full RS PRO Range

  • Over 65,000 products across all technologies
  • From Hand Tools to Test & Measurement, Cables and Wires to Sensors
  • All backed by the RS PRO Seal of Approval to provide quality you can trust